All happy wheels character sound effects -

All happy wheels character sound effects

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Wheelchair man – 0:00
Segway and explorer guy – 0:17
Irresponsible dad – 0:35
Irresponsible son – 0:50
Effective shopper, Irresponsible mom and HER daughter – 1:06
Moped guy – 1:25
Moped girl – 1:41
Lawnmower guy – 2:00
Santa claus – 2:18
Elf and Irresponsible mom’s baby – 2:42
Pogostick man – 2:56


  1. Without context sounds like an orgy XD

  2. 0:301:01 when you get jumpscared by a someone in five nights at freddy's video games

  3. Ahh the good old times without <insert text hereIrresponsible mom and Helicopter>

  4. My favorite characters mouped.boy ,Santa Claus ,

  5. I just learned from one of his tarkov vods that James voices the pogo-guy. What!? How have I never figured this out till now?

    I feel ashamed.

  6. POV: you get your son annihilated via sacrificing his spinal cord and rib cage to be crushed 0:47

  7. Fun Fact: Moped Girl and Santa Claus’s pain sounds are both used in the Popular Roblox Shooter game Arsenal as pain sounds too. Moped Girl is used for generic female skins while Santa Claus is used for… Santa Claus

  8. I always thought 0:47 was the son saying dammit because it only played when the son got hurt or died. And that was hilarous to me

  9. The pogoman sounds were the best, especially: "Ow my foot!" and "OWW MY ARM!!!" 2:57

  10. Where do all these voices come from other than happy wheels?

  11. first three effecive shopper grunts are…

  12. 🔵bjoch The WWE Fan 2022🟡 #SaveUkraine says:

    0:30 When You WWE Game Gets Destroyed

  13. mathias Lyons fan club (please i need to reach 1k) says:

    0:30 and 1:01 why they screams looks the same

  14. BlueSonicTheTeenager2K7 // SEGASonicFan2007 says:

    2:12 When Your Personal Work Ripped By Psycho Parents

  15. i can only imagine how fun these were to make

  16. Santa Claus was the best out of all of them

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