All happy wheels character sound effects -

All happy wheels character sound effects

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Wheelchair man – 0:00
Segway and explorer guy – 0:17
Irresponsible dad – 0:35
Irresponsible son – 0:50
Effective shopper, Irresponsible mom and HER daughter – 1:06
Moped guy – 1:25
Moped girl – 1:41
Lawnmower guy – 2:00
Santa claus – 2:18
Elf and Irresponsible mom’s baby – 2:42
Pogostick man – 2:56


  1. brutal deaths
    0:12 Wheelchair guy
    0:30 segway guy and indiana jones (explorer guy)
    0:45 irresponsable dad
    1:02 timmy (irresponsable son) and irresponsable baby
    1:21 Effective shopper, irresponsable mom and irresponsable girl
    1:36 Moped guy
    1:53 Moped girl
    2:14 Lawnmower man
    2:30 Santa (Santa claus)
    2:53 Elf and ELF
    3:11 Pogo guy (Pogostick man)

  2. That grunt at 0:33 is my favourite. I've heard it in multiple other things but that along with some of segway man and explorer guy's other moans always reminds me of when I shot some of the enemies in time crisis project titan and when I shot the the crate that blows them up at the end of area 1 in the original time crisis game

  3. It took me nearly a decade to understand that TOBUSCUS VOICED THE IRRESPONSIBLE DAD!!!!!

  4. Irresponsible son sounds like a guy from another game called kick the buddy

  5. Moped couple sound when you die before girl does lesson learned 1:57

  6. Oh ok I have but I hate wheelchair guy when his said My leg!!!!

  7. (0:24) That scream was used in the movie:
    ‘Final Destination 3’ (2006) when Kevin gets hit by the white horse.

  8. (1:191:23) Those screams were used in Eminem’s song: ‘Stan’ that’s off his critically acclaimed album: ‘The Marshal Mathers LP.’

  9. 0:000:02 When you let out a wet fart accidentally then check to see that you shat yourself

  10. The effective Shopper Voice Is Sus😳😳😳

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