All happy wheels character sound effects -

All happy wheels character sound effects

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Wheelchair man – 0:00
Segway and explorer guy – 0:17
Irresponsible dad – 0:35
Irresponsible son – 0:50
Effective shopper, Irresponsible mom and HER daughter – 1:06
Moped guy – 1:25
Moped girl – 1:41
Lawnmower guy – 2:00
Santa claus – 2:18
Elf and Irresponsible mom’s baby – 2:42
Pogostick man – 2:56


  1. I realized that the children have higher pitched voices of the older characters.

  2. And I love Lawnmower Man's "Oh Goddd!!!"

  3. So apparently the Segway guy and explore guy already only two characters with stock screams and pains oh and this irresponsible moms son and Cody which is the name of the irresponsible dad son

  4. mopped girl sounds familiar
    its sound like arsernal

  5. fun fact : if you reverse on level 12 mobile (or iPad) happy wheels you get the moped couple noise

  6. The irresponsible son is the Business Guy
    It's because of the son's voice
    And the Moped guy voice
    The 2nd one
    I heard it in level 12 of Business guy

  7. 2:57 POV: you play a pogo fight and a sword lightly taps your stomach

  8. 2:14 sounds like a human version of the zombie scream in COD Zombies

  9. I love how the dad just goes "damnit" when his son dies

  10. i bet all the voice actors had a great time making this game

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