BOSS AWARD | Happy Wheels - Part 67 -

BOSS AWARD | Happy Wheels – Part 67

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I finally got my Boss Award to put on the mantle in Happy Wheels!

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Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. i think the guy who made the level confused ebola with hemroids

  2. I didn't like the throw yourself one everyone is aware that terminator is better than robocop

  3. 11:50 anyone notice how when he exlodes, his body parts surround the heart in kind of an X formation>

  4. More like Corona sword throw 2021 gang wya

  5. Jack call him billy, I call him lil' timmy

  6. when you said screw you billy i cryed the shit out of my self i could not stop lauhing

  7. I’m happy that this video was made on my birthday I can enjoy the nostalgia while I listen to him say happy wheels every time but he ended it but at least I can go back and look at them

  8. Me: having to hide my phone under my pillow and act like I'm asleep at 2:am because my parents walked in.

    Jack: HeY EVerY BoDy WeLcOmCoMe BAck to AN EpiSodE Of HAPPY WHEELS!!

  9. I bet his Neighbors were happy before he shouted

  10. who else is watching in 2021🤣

  11. wait on part 67 it has a b and a on 76 it has a b and an a

  12. Jack has a medical condition where he has 3 balls

  13. this was the first video i ever watched of jacksepticeye

  14. 10:35 billy dying kinda reminded me of mono’s voice from little nightmares 2-


  15. I always forget how laggy this episode is

  16. 3rd time that intro has caught me off guard 😂

  17. I found the one version of Happy Wheels that actually runs worse than the JavaScript version.
    Seriously, the JavaScript version of HW is a joke. So laggy and blurry.

  18. ah, graham crackers and milk! what should i watch…

  19. currently 2021 and still rewatching these videos of this bean

  20. Wow, this video has 25k likes and 500 thousand views on the first day it was uploaded and then 15 days later it got 1.5 Million views and 40 thousand likes. That's crazy!

  21. Haaaaaaaaappppyyy wwheeeeeeeeeeelllss!!!!!!!!!!

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