Can I Make The IMPOSSIBLE Bottle Flip In Happy Wheels?! -

Can I Make The IMPOSSIBLE Bottle Flip In Happy Wheels?!

Kindly Keyin
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Video edited by Zachary Simms. Need an editor, contact him here: [email protected]

Happy Wheels is a side-scrolling, physics-based, obstacle course game with over a billion plays online and is now available for your mobile devices. Assume the role of your inadequately prepared racer and ignore severe consequences in a desperate search for victory.

Now play as Effective Shopper on an electric shopping cart, Wheelchair Guy on a jet-powered wheelchair, Irresponsible Dad and his son on a bicycle, or as Business Guy on a personal transporter.

• Over 60 unique and challenging levels
• Deadly obstacles: spikes, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons, and much more
• Smooth, realistic physics

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  1. Really it doesn't matter if it's standing up or capped if you make it in a spot it counts I mean it's happy wheels for Pete's sake completely random and it's completely random if it even lands right

  2. My favourite word is…

    I’m tired of shouting YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!🥵

  3. Your good at bottle flipping!
    Keep up the good work kk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are not a noob you are a hackle And a legend Kylie

  5. I love your videos they are so amazing you're the best YouTuber in the world keep the videos up please you are the best YouTuber on this planet

  6. I know how to save replay go to the menu and click on save replay

  7. And hello neighbor act 1 basement glitch toti games channel

  8. Hi keyin please show me how to get this game

  9. Hi keyin please show me how to get this game

  10. When you did the blue bottle flip when you frill the bottle in whet frill the table

  11. I would just say that if it is not standing it still counts

  12. 10:35 you know it’s funny cause I’m actually trying to fall asleep with this video in the background and he just says if you’re falling asleep, that’ll wake you up.

  13. he doesnt need to save replay because it keeps replaying on youtube

  14. Why didn’t tell your subscribers that you have a imaginary perduser

  15. Someone tell me that at the pink level why did the triangle with the checkmark look like a happyface

  16. Can we Appreciate how much effort he puts in his vids

  17. thats wine by the way“““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`1111111111111111111111112345555678999999999999999000000=-098765432123456545676567654765treert76543ert654rt654ert54ert65ryrfgyry654rty65rfgt5rt654eft54dfgt5rfgt54ret54eft654et65r65rft54edft5rfr

  18. In the orange one there was one that said hacks

  19. hey keyin you made my childhood thanks for making me lagh when i was younger

  20. You do control it in the time it’s touched

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