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Dark Souls in Happy Wheels | BIGGEST RAGE IN HISTORY

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  1. Cartman while playing “World of Warcraft.”

  2. God damn this is still some of the funniest shit on Markiplier's channel xD

  3. Mark Freakout Meltdown And throwing A Tantrum At Dark Souls

  4. Ohhhh boy. Coming back through the playlist chronologically, this is a rough one to watch. Not because he does bad or anything, but he's clearly hamming it up for the camera up until the last 2 minutes. Compare it to "I am Bread" or "Getting Over It", and you can see how forced a lot of the reaction is throughout.

    I'm so glad Mark's "I got popular and now I have to amp it up" period was super short, because I forgot how rough some of his forced "scares" or "rage" were back then. (I also know I'm gonna get a ton of hate for this, but it's true – Dude had a 3-4 month period after moving to LA where he was trying to go nuts with the content, and then settled back into classic Mark mode after.)

  5. this level remains accurate to the game it's based on.

  6. you miss 1 word mark and you'll get another game about killing zombies

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