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DIE TOBY – Happy Wheels

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  1. i had a dreem a bout you in my school!!!!!

  2. you've gone so far down hill… I subbed to you in like 5th grade. so long ago…

  3. my cat iz called biscuit can u call her a son of a biscuit

  4. hey there guys !. hi everyone .MAXWELL what did I say about talking in public? if I talk the cops will take me to area 51. so don't do that again because your a cursed SWORD.

  5. your from annoying orang art you I recnis you

  6. Hey Toby. Please don't let those haters make u feel sad. Lol

  7. Your channel has gone so far downhill, you have 500k+ views on this, on his new videos he has around 12k, sadly I was one of the 488k

  8. The foop glitch is like the auto type rant and the guy won a T-Shirt

  9. MY LAST NAME IS JENKINS wow just…just wow

  10. The lines on paper pogoman were screwing my eyes up.

  11. Hey toby. I have been a fan of yours sense I was in middle school. and to look at your videos now from what they used to be. I feel really bad for you. your old videos like "I can swing my sword" for example that video has a total of 65,878,90 views, I'm not saying that just to put you down I'm saying it as a comment. a critique if you will. I think what your issue is that you're very mono tone when it comes to your new videos. it seems like you're just tired all of the time. your views have gone from a youtube superstar to a Just-started-youtube, if you ask me continue making content for your viewers but aim towards something else in content. like game reviews, updates, that sort of thing. I'm not saying it has to be that way but if you want to keep your career stable. you should do something like that to keep viewers. Thank you for supporting I LOVE YOU -JamesTheLyon

  12. Tell Courtney Callaghan on face book that Charlie loves her

  13. clever pewdipie putting ads on tobys vids

  14. I'm in heat dad!
    Son don't ever say that, ever again.
    XD I cant…

  15. I remember watching Toby when I was like 7.. He's changed too much… It's a shame, just watching this I still laughed like the good days when I had happiness..

  16. He talks to himself it's embarrassing.

  17. He talks to himself it's embarrassing.

  18. Was anyone else dizzy from the paper pogo man

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