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More Dinosaurs In Happy Wheels! I thought it was time for us to revisit this game and some levels that we couldn’t defeat before. Also try some new creations.

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  1. after seven years I find it this was my childhood 😢❤

  2. James:This channel is definitely PG

  3. gaming beaver: 17:13 who will also instantly die!me: laughing hard!

  4. you can't get more b**'s and p**n in real life

  5. Outta Nowhere! I thought why not try happy wheels one more time for some more dinosaur fun!

  6. When you said you never been more proud of anything so that means toast your first video your assistant

  7. 17:03 beaver “how will I be safe without my helmet” 16:43 me I don’t think you’ll be safe with your helmet either

  8. at 3:16 the girl ipaled you like vlad the impaler but the other way

  9. "it is impossible GrayStillPlays has entered the chat

  10. Watching anything at 12 in the morning, makes everything hilarious!!


  12. 1:18 literally every orher person in the Jurassic world’s death sound

  13. 14:15 that frame before it changed is moments before disaster struck same as this one

  14. I rewatched the bit were you pulled your leg off like ten times

  15. I hope u reach 10M subs!i have never seen a youtuber like u. Ur the greatest!

  16. I love how the indominus looks like scorpios before scorpios was even a thing. (Thinking what is universal saw that and took design and turned it black)

  17. how did you get the dinoasur version of happy wheel

  18. Hitotototototootototoottototototootoototototo hacked Barney the purple dinosaur 9:12

  19. The (impossible) one is not it’s very easy lol.

  20. dfjdfhfuhdherifiudjujuirhrfiuhydhuehfufuetuiuihuityruyiyyuyutuiutiueyigiuyiuytiugy75tyiygjfiñ90

  21. kkbklxjiovrugietreirtjviorfdjtrjwerhfeiuo5ery58796ureriuroeuiotfjjddh uidhbviuyv 6y6 v huby,m,8lde4lkheb

  22. Yutyraptor Hauli: the Antarctic Hunter says:

    That Spike tail animal like thing look like a Doedicurus "Pestel Tail"

  23. I love the part where the man on easy sigh throw a knife at himself

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