DON'T STOP BELIEVING! | Happy Wheels - Part 95 -

DON’T STOP BELIEVING! | Happy Wheels – Part 95

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Don’t stop believing in yourself! Become the greatest Happy Wheels you can be!
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Outro created by the super talented Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. Hell yeah! When jack started singing believer I just sung my heart out along with him XD X)

  2. Why were people talking about a YouTube logo popping up? When does that happen?

  3. Ah, so this is where the lyrics are from

  4. From this video a butiful song was made

  5. 2:38 The staircase massacre:
    On 4th, June 2016 Bobby Bicycle pedaled down the stairs.
    Deaths: 4. Injuries: 0
    Only Little Abigail survived, her head almost getting blown off
    Deaths: Indiana Jones’s back was teared off and Larry Lawnmower’s head exploded. Bobby fell off his bike and hit his head on a corner, killing him. Without a person To control it, his bike went off the rails and smashed into Larry’s wife, Betty, killing her.
    2:51 On 4th June 2029 Timmy Bicycle, Bobby Bicycle’s son wanted to carry his father’s legacy: to KILL. Also he brought his EPIC cousin Sean Septic
    Deaths: 6 Injuries: 3
    Abigail, The only survivor of the first staircase massacre and Susan Shopping Cart were attacked, but no major injuries were sustained.
    Deaths: Henry Jones’s head was smashed in. Sean Bicycle fell off and died. A couple, Mike and Mary Motorcycle were also killed, Mike’s head smashed in and Mary crushed. Willie Wheelchair and Jeff Leno, a Mall Santa was shoved to the ground and was then drove on.
    Injuries: Barry Lawnmower’s legs were broken. Both of them.

  6. If you look closely before 6:39, you can see Billy killed Bobby. Frick Billy man.

  7. watching every frase in this video get put in the all the way song was fuckin amazing

  8. Dude I feel like I’m time traveling I’m in 2021

  9. When he said were did my head go what happened was billy died landed on Bobby’s head and ripped it off

  10. “I believe, I believe in Steve” ah yes
    And “feels good to be a winner every now and then”

  11. "Normally I say speed is key…but this time I'm saying SPEED IS KEY."
    "It's the same thing

    Had us in the first half ngl

  12. ★Lex's Universal Studios / L.U.S. Productions★ says:

    I just realized this is where some Lyrica from "ALL THE WAY!!!" come from!

  13. When Sean sang he sounded like the actual singer that sing that song lol😂

  14. 3 best songs to commit genocide

    3rd place:
    Bfg divison
    2nd place:
    The only thing they fear is you
    1st place:

  15. Man I love that song so many memories about this song

  16. On stair rider jack needed some ass rockets

  17. Jack: "If you get one in the ass that's fine. It doesn't matter. It's the ones in the face that hurt the most."

    Me: "I would have thought the opposite, but to each their own I always say."

  18. I can't wait for Christmas when we'll get Happy Wheels episode 103 babyy!!

  19. Jack with your new merch do a ,,I believe in Steve"


  21. I made that glass break.
    The world has seen me,a furry, challenge grey and outsmarted his outsmarting.
    The pathOwOgen carry's away yet another person.
    I am that army

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