Eaten By T.REX and SPINOSAURUS!! | Happy Wheels -

Eaten By T.REX and SPINOSAURUS!! | Happy Wheels

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  1. Killed by her she will ask her she is not working with her boyfriend is 7months to go for exams but it didnt write a letter that is the same in my family and I have seen her in the 1d1 for a long ti and she is a good game hai to log on to the

  2. Beaver: thats ok its not attached anymore its fine
    Also beaver: *uses his chopped off lower leg as a step*

  3. I like your videos please make more dinosaur videos

  4. 17:13. What the hall is that?? Maybe an iguanadon or edmontosaur

  5. 0:50 when peuzed. It looks like Pogo man was trying to grab the child from the bike and the grandpa was used as a ramp.

  6. James o that’s cool falls into spikes

  7. Classic video even when he doesn’t use edits he was amazing

  8. Me:…
    Beaver:look at the t-rex resting his head!
    Me:*tries not to laugh but laughs*

  9. Only thing I can say to this vid: Ow

  10. You didn't even been eaten by t.rex and spinosaurus..

  11. If the picky Dino had huge claws it would be an erlickasaurus

  12. I just realized that the T. rex looks so derpy

  13. I deleted them and I was told that I would be able to get a new phone

  14. Hey,in the fiesta leve you need to go up to de cloud

  15. So fun fact, this wasnt ment to go live haha my mistake. Also i recorded this back in 2015. Enjoy!

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