Filian found Happy Wheels in real life -

Filian found Happy Wheels in real life

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  1. Is not even funny dude how tf amarican ppl laugh at stuff like this

  2. Oh no grandma😮😮😮 I hope she is okay

  3. Yo guys this kind of stuff actually kills elderly people all the time… I know this is a script but this is a real problem. They might not have the reflexes or strength to pull the break, so you need to get them secured …. THEN go get the wallet… Best though is just take them back with you, so they're not lonely.

  4. I was literally choking at the end cuz of laughter lol

  5. Really said “they see me rollin’”

  6. 💜【 S o c k s H e e l e r 】💜 says:

    Bro already killed me with this video.😂😂🤣🤣💀💀

  7. Grandma don't need shit she's just taking advantage of him XD

  8. “Don’t move” wtf he think she gon get up and run 💀

  9. Her scream sounded like somebody just getting stabbed by something😂

  10. The fact that I fricking screamed like three times- I really hope no one heard me

  11. I’m surprised she didn’t have a heart attack on the way down

  12. Truck kun failed his mission he didn’t get there in time

  13. I feel so bad about laughing at this but at the same time it was kinda hilarious

  14. Gran think she’s wheelchair guy 💀

  15. Screw dad left to get the milk nowadays we know her as grandma left to get the milk

  16. normal graystillplays level in happy wheels:

  17. How is that funny like I killed you dog and it yelp and that was funny

  18. Ay, I’m live most days at doing junk like this if you want to say hi! Might be playing Happy Wheels in real life even!

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