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  1. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I am awesome
    And so are you

  2. in the first level wen he toched shadow bonnie the victory sound scared me a bit and a fort that there was ganna do a jumpscare XDDD

  3. I love the change tony check mine bbt blog and more

  4. I'm new I only have 7 or 8 subscribers Tony's videos can someone sub scribe

  5. Not even close to you purple guy actually went inside of a spring lock golden Simon spring-trap is basically purple guy when in side of the suit of spring Bonnie and it was a spring lock suit so the spring locks got activated because of water drop fell on his shoulder and after that he the spring locks activated killed him and now he's locked in there for 30 something years and ended up becoming

  6. Tony spring trap is not a chicken he's purple guy purple guy died because of a broken suit and that's why spring trap is purple gay

  7. 1 go 100000000000000000000 subscribers

  8. Your funny when you react to Ballon boy

  9. Next time can you do Five Nights at Freddy's Shrek's

  10. Everything in fnaf is a dream…. I know that because Scott himself said that

  11. Well purple guy is not phone guy he is William Afron

  12. You were wrong from the first question into the necklace

  13. Tonytctn you are the best YouTuber in the whole entire universe no other YouTuber can beat you and can you please give me a shout out my name is CoolSonic955

  14. Dang this is my first ever liked video I used to watch you a long time ago ima watch some new vids

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