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Flamingo plays HAPPY WHEELS

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today albert flamingo plays happy wheels


  1. I used to play this after school 🥺😭

  2. This is exactly what we need albert makes happy wheels funnier

  3. Ma man be literally raging out on a game from roughly 12 years ago lol


  5. If this was a Netflix movie
    ⚠️gore,mild blood, some more gore, a child dies, blood

  6. “On Valentine’s Day Ill” *babe gets destroyed in milliseconds

  7. this is random but i just eat dog food, and it's not that bad

  8. How does Albert make depression funny?

  9. This is a video of Albert saying he is kid friendly, but peoples parents say he is a bad influence. He is making up for it, while being destructive.

  10. I will say this video is funny but I didn’t realize the amount of gore lmao it’s a good video I was just a little shocked and kinda grossed out haha!

  11. I had water in my mouth just a second ago. Then flamingo made a funny sound and I spit it out. Now theirs water in my pillow before bed :O

  12. I love how I can have the worse day ever and he makes me laugh

  13. i remeber watching pewdipie play this all the time

  14. I remember being bored out of my mind at my grandma’s house when I was like 6/7 watching my brother play happy wheels

  15. I laughed so hard I’m gonna watch this again

  16. I remember when I was in 6th-7th grade, kids would play this game on the laptops at school before they blocked it and found away to see everyone's screen, good times lol

  17. The way he changes he's face in seconds

  18. I was watching the vid and a happy wils add pop-up

  19. i actually waited for flamgo to play happy wheels

  20. top 10 people that found a game in the most unintended way

  21. Omg hello I'm ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!! Can u play a game called 3008 if so TYSM!

  22. 5:13 I love how the child just put his hands up waiting to die

  23. Im a loser…

    Thats what she said =)


  25. Before this I had a apple add and a girl threw a apple and it looked like it hit Albert

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