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Flamingo plays HAPPY WHEELS

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today albert flamingo plays happy wheels


  1. Albert is….. OFF ROBLOX FOR ONCE HAHAHAHA that would only happen when people fight out the fnaf time line

  2. Day 30 of asking Flamingo to make my Battle Royale Idea:

    Make a whole NEW map with a border based on Call of Duty, Make a warning to make people shoot eachother in the map BUT you have to get ammo and get guns scattered around,
    You also spawn them in with parachutes.

    Where You Do It:
    Any Roleplay Game

    The same Fortnite wall at The Purge Video

  3. this makes me wanna engage in physical premarital relations with Albert

  4. Graystillplays:A new challenger! OUR BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY

  5. Brought back memories of when I was younger and would rewatch Jacksepticeyes episodes of Happy Wheels unendingly….*WHOOPISH* TOP OF THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE AND WELCOME BACK TOOOO…HAAAAAAPY WHEEELLLLSSS!!!

  6. Every single person should call Valentines to single person if you don’t have any dates lol 👍

  7. "Happy wheels" more like "violent wheels"

  8. Guys, I think we found the perfect game for Albert

  9. Happy wheels more like Happy birthday because this video was uploaded on my birthday

  10. I threw my baby off a cliff for u he is dead in hell

  11. Valentines day? More like
    Diabetes day

  12. Flamingo, I’m just saying you shouldn’t use negative self talk.

  13. 7:09 prob you have to go then don't actually go like just go and move back and then the thing goes up and then you and your "son" won't die (prob you don't understand me)


  15. i hope you enjoyed my map, v sorry LmAo
    u should try and beat it i dare you

  16. fun fact; the day before valentines day i got banned for 3 days in roblox for sharting all over the walls and asking people to pick my butt hairs in royal high 🥺🙁

  17. It was singing gotta go fast. (laughs)

  18. Play happy wheels a lot because it’s funny 😂😂

  19. Albert in every video “hey it’s the Logan Paul vlog”

  20. albert is gonna get quoted so f*cking hard after this video

  21. My dad would hand me this game on his phone when he was busy when I was around 5, perfect game for a five year old

  22. If you have a kid never go on a bike ride with him 😭😭

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