"GET BLOODY" - Daft Punk Happy Wheels Parody (Animated "Get Lucky" Spoof) - pasimanninen.com

“GET BLOODY” – Daft Punk Happy Wheels Parody (Animated “Get Lucky” Spoof)

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Steven’s Notes: Toby Turner gives his characters the same voices every time he plays happy wheels. It hasn’t gotten old on this channel yet though, so he’s gonna try to ride it into the ground here as well!

This animated music video spoof of Daft Punk “Get Lucky,” is done in the world of Happy Wheels, a fun free flash game that will probably get you killed.

It follows the story of Irresponsible Dad and his son’s repeated doom death, and has a cameo by some DaftPunk helmets and Irresponsible Mom. Click like and favorite if you liked watching the characters in this cartoon and cartoons in general get animated to death!

Animation by Talia Ellis & Stephanie Throssell
Additional Animation by Britta Souhrada
Colors by Ketzi Rivera

Original Tobuscus Character Designed by Gonzalo Villagomez (Gonzo doesn’t have time to animate anymore – but check out his awesome content!)

I always dreamt of BMX. Ha!
Got no more time for dreaming.
My Ex-Wife resisted bringing our
9 year old son Timmy

(No dad, I don’t – I don’t wanna go. I really don’t.
Shut up son)

We don’t need a car (Dad – that’s a cliff!)
I’ll just hold, the space bar
(Um, Dad you’re going too fast – argh!)
Respawn at the start,
Didn’t get very far (We never do dad. Shut up son!)

I ride a bike with my son,
We always have so much fun (no we don’t)
Unless there’s mines on the ground
(Dad, landmine!)
Then things are gonna get bloody
(oh no!)

I ride a bike with my son,
Sometimes we do bottle runs, (Nooo!)
Sometimes we dodge harpoon guns (Aaah!)
Sometimes I get to launch Timmy (what? nooo!)
Sometimes I get to launch Timmy (nooo!)
For Tim’s perspective, just press C (nooo!)
I think it’s time to get bloody
I think it’s time to get bloody (oh no!)

(Dad stop – I can’t stop – give up Dad – I don’t know how – it’s just not fun anymore Dad.
Ah, so you admit it was fun once? – Gah!)

It’s hard to keep on living (argh, oh God)
This course is unforgiving. (Gargh – oh no Dad!)
I doubt that will be healing (Dad, you should go to the hospital – I don’t have insurance)
Son, keep the handles steady

(Dad, what are you doing?)
(Winning son, Charlie Sheen – oh God)

We’ve come too far
To give up on this course (I disagree – argh!)
I don’t need my arms
That’s what my son is for (No dad, slow down! – Wooooo!)

We’re riding towards a big jump
We fly in front of the sun,
‘s about time we finally won.
Think we have earned a victory.

(Yesss we did it! – Yay – Oh yesss!
Wanna go again? – Nooo!
You know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna put on my victory helmet.
You look like a robot!)

Robotic dance of victory
Robotic dance of vic-
Robotic dance of victory
Robotic dance of vic-

Robotic dance of victory
Robotic dance of victory
Robotic dance of victory
Robotic dance of victory

I’m irresponsible mom
Thought I should be in this song
He rides a bike with our son
Don’t wanna fight for custody

I’m kinda glad when he’s gone
I got two kids of my own
And killing us would be wrong
Unless it happens out of frame (Aargh!)
Good one son!

© 2013 Tobuscus


  1. I miss when Tobuscus was the king of the internet, and not ugh, Charli D’Amelio (she isn’t talented in the slightest).

  2. Timmy: "DAD MY ARM IS MISSING!!!! Bring me to the hospital!"
    Dad: "I know your arm is misssing son and you in paint, but I'm here to tell you. THAT ARM WILL GROW BACK!! SUCK IT UP!!!"

  3. When you realize tobuscus pretty much copied pewdiepies happy wheels videos

  4. old Happy wheels players will be happy each time they see this

  5. I love how his son is a better driver on the bike.

  6. Yesterday
    The good old days
    A better time
    People’s childhood
    All Of it was here


  8. Forever on my mind. you changed our lives, remember that

  9. rewatching these are very nostalging .i got tiers in my eyes to watch old youtube… i wish that these times and youtubers to come back.

  10. I’m so glad to see the comments section is still active 10 years later god I miss the old days…

  11. I remember a friend of mine he plays alot of happy wheels he has a rowdy kind of guy

  12. This was good even for a 2nd generation youtube user

  13. I haven't thought of toby in a long long time. Then for some reason i thought of this song. I then thought about how happy i used to be years ago but then i grew up. I think I'll watch some more of these to chase that feeling again

  14. My Daft Punk Legend, Rest In Peace Daft Punk…

  15. Been here since day one. Always gonna be here

  16. this man will forever be a legend in my heart

  17. Back when I didn't know about the like button…
    Good thing I came back.

  18. “Dad what are you doing-“
    “Winning son”

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