Get Past the Bear to Win! (Happy Wheels) -

Get Past the Bear to Win! (Happy Wheels)

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Bearly made it out alive haha lol. 🐻

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    Hey Matt.I know this isn't related to this video,but could u please play a level in happy wheels called mattshea wizward?it was made by toniczech05.It would really mean a lot to me and the players.Thanks anyways.

  2. The thing I like about him is that he try and give up…lol
    Just like me… lazy

  3. I know what he was gonna say its coronavirus

  4. Matt I feel like a real youtuber
    Me Matt you will always be a great youtuber no matter how much you upload

  5. yeah mattt, you kinda abandoned this channel for a while for you other one….salty

  6. wait what? I thought happy wheels was down. (and ik JavaScript version is still a w.i.p. but it's not released yet)

  7. I know that be salt lamp playing in the background

  8. Used to watch you when I was younger and still love the vids

  9. Lol coryxenchin level in mattsheas happy wheels

  10. how can he beat that level in less than half an A press?

  11. By Matt's voice… I feel like he's slowly going insane

  12. Do u even know coryxkenshin he is the best at vids but ur one level ahead him

  13. Wow, never knew Matt had met Cory

  14. I come from the Nederlands
    Do you like it it’s my home thank you

  15. The alien thing was a green gang and purple gang meme

  16. Oh god why does youtube not allow the word coronavirus why cant kids hear the word the flu the flu is more deadly than the coronavirus if kids cant learn about coronavirus how are they gonna be ready

  17. Me being Dutch and living in Amsterdam and my name being Matt too i-

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