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Happy Fortress

Dr. Heavich
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Behold, the father of FailFort!

I started this project way before FF, but then I discontinued it due to the lack of motivation. Until now..


  1. I would so buy a tf2 version of happy wheels exactly like this

  2. Why is this video so nostalgic?
    I miss the Happy Wheels era of YouTube!

  3. 9 years, and still this video helps tame my sleep paralysis demon

  4. This is an excellent use of both TF2 voice lines and unrepeatable gameplay footage combined.
    Favorites: 0:13, 0:27, 0:44, 0:57, 2:04, 2:15, 2:42, 2:56, and 3:24 (does not count, but still, was made worth it with quality).

  5. I just like the fact that they realistically immediately stop talking as soon as they’re dead.
    Respect to important details.
    Also, 3:01 relatable.

  6. Looking at this today makes me day of laughter

  7. How do you making a video on step-by-step? Tell us.

  8. 1:37 "i have planned more pain. My dicc" tries to pull off his dicc

  9. “I can see my ass!” 😂

  10. 0:00 and 0:06
    if you guys are wondering what music that Heavich used for those Two Segments, he used:
    Item Bounce/Dedede Bustle

  11. Bro I can't believe you use the Space Eel theme from Up Your Arsenal in this

  12. 0:31 it was like is pulling him in and being tearded apart i guess

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