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Happy Wheels #102

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It’s back…. to end off Nostalgia Week once again
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  1. 4:08 when u send a message that said, "Lol I cheated on you" to ur gf and then u realized it wasn't ur ex:

  2. I've been one this channel since I was 7 I'm 13 now

  3. you should do another episode of kindergarten or kindergarten 2 for the next nostalgia week

  4. Btw I have my alarm all the way song on so every time I wake up I get jump scared by the intro

  5. Jack going to do another 100 episodes hopefully

  6. Episode 103 please love your content the Irish forever

  7. imagine Evelin just walking by his room and hears this 6:57

  8. No no son of a fuuuuuuu is a meme now xd

  9. 6:57 jack screaming

    His neighbors: "aw damnit honey, he's at it again, get the headphones"

  10. the editor probably had alot of fun editing that

  11. jack: i know how to do a bottle run also him: dies immiediently

  12. 4:20
    Sean: Further beyond…
    Pete: (dies)
    Sean: XD

    Perfect Timing

  13. i will never forget ur first happy wheels episode

  14. Why have I been responding 4:08 for the past five minutes soon to be hours?

  15. If jack does a nostalgia week in 2021 and if he does one more happy wheels video he needs to put the original fan art of his face in the thumbnail

  16. Jack: I am the greatest happy wheels player alive
    GrayStillPlays: ROOKIE NUMBERS

  17. You are the best gamer in ever!!! I watch your videos every day no joke!!

  18. Jack neighbors are like oh god he’s playing heavy wheels again

  19. Think about it it's sad I know but when Jack quits YouTube every week will be nostalgia week

  20. When he said rise for the anthem i actually got up from my chair did the aot salute and started singing Shinzou wo Sasageyo

  21. It's a good time to be alive… That's debatable

  22. Jacksepticeye: I am.. THE GREATEST HAPPY WHEE-
    Also jacksepticeye: 👁👄👁

  23. Be fucking glad that happy wheels does not need flash

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