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Happy Wheels #103

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What other way would we end Nostalgia Week than with Haaaaappy Wheeeeels
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  1. Remember when jack used to say "I love balls!" in ball-falls? Pepperidge farms remembers

  2. "I'm never going to play this again. Thanks for all the memories" plays the game and uploads videos sporadically

  3. It's the beginning og September guys, just less than 4 months until new Happy Wheels drops!

  4. What a great way to start 2023

  5. 0:30 Seriously? You've been out for SIX YEARS. I know you're kinda fucking with us but still, don't pretend to be like that.

  6. growing up till 10 years old, i would watch dantdm everyday. then i realised that there were other good youtubers. now i get to get new nostalgia

  7. Please play valiant hearts again I loved watching your videos back then man

  8. wait I checked steam and I couldn't find happy wheels, where can I play happy wheels then?

  9. I never played one of these before
    Played almost every bottle run

  10. jack uploading a happy wheels video is like christmas

  11. Jacksepticeye still remembers the characters without hesitation, nicely cool.

  12. ohhh sticky keys!!!! is so funny to me

  13. i just relesd that jack is irish and i am to

  14. "Back in my day, you just played the game" just feels so fitting for this era of gaming

  15. Soo happy this is back love you jacksepticeye big subscriber

  16. Sean + Happy Wheels will never not be amusing to watch!

  17. bro i was crying so much when i knew when my family will die 😢

  18. "i'm not losing to ninja"
    immediately loses to ninja

  19. Luck this level and luck your leg had me dying 😂😂😂

  20. hey jack, i was thinking in the next nostalgia week revisiting the sims 4, i think it was a good serias also a pretty old one so i think it would fit right in 🙂

  21. Who else has just binged watched all 100 and now these?

  22. was rewatching the nostalgia week and then realised its Jack's birthday today!!!

    (Thank you Sean❤)

  24. Hi there I love all your videos I’m your biggest fan . I love when you yell ,, Speed is key I’m always gonna be your fan and watch your videos 😊

  25. It’s been 6 years since episode 100 and I ended the series. Let that sink in!

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