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King Crane
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How did this happen to HAPPY WHEELS? This is WEIRD!!

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  1. I love ur videos ur the best I can't stop laughing I watch u every day

  2. Yayyyy tge funny happy wheels videos is back I laughed so hard in this video The King Crane keep doing what ur doing bro ur da bes

  3. I like the youtubing but next time play a game about cars2.

  4. king crane is my favorite gaming YouTuber he makes incredible content

  5. king cobra the revealer of love and loyalty says:

    Yay happy wheels back

  6. love your videos and i liked and i subscried and i followed your instagram and i followed your tiktok and be safe

  7. Make your own Minecraft server with Jenirise

  8. Hey king there is this guy he was a developer in the game called British army academy he tried to find out my age his username was VenomKrytus he also kicked me outta the game so plz plz report him for trying to find out my private information and bullying me

  9. Oh my god you're the best youtuber I love you're happy will videos

  10. Play suicaid squad kill tah jastas liga

  11. love your vids but can you play fortnite, i loved the fortnite vids you did last year

  12. Can you please play phasmophobia with jenrize,captain capital and Corey plays

  13. You didn't upload videos in this time i guess you are so excited

  14. Play minecraft please for new contact

  15. 3:48 gray still plays found a way, he is the best happy wheels player ever.

  16. Did Jane have the baby yet is it a boy or a girl I need details

  17. Play a crucial series if you don’t have it but a headset pls🥺

  18. Miss when you and Jen Played Keep it Up🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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