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King Crane
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How did this happen to HAPPY WHEELS? This is WEIRD!!

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  1. Love all your videos King Crane they are the best and very fun to watch keep up the great work on YouTube much love on it

  2. TheKingCrane Nice Video i liked subcribed with post nolitifications can i get a shout out please i am your first comment of this video

  3. Mr hops play house I would like you to play that.

  4. king crane on roblox play the hunger games not the fire one with the one that's the thing in the middle

  5. Pls keep playing happy wheels I really like it

  6. Best Youtuber He always makes my day!! Love King Crane

  7. I love happy wheels so mutch I liked subscribe clicked the notification bell and commented

  8. BEST VIDEO EVER! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I laughed so harrd

  9. You should play fortnite because it’s been a while since you did

  10. You are the best YouTuber ever king crane thank you so much

  11. Give me a shout-out I love your videos they are amazing and they are cool thank you king crane you are the best YouTuber ever king crane

  12. You are funny king crane you make me laugh 😂

  13. I have watched many many youtubers and your the best one

  14. pls pls pls pls play resedent evil 8 pleaaaaaaasssseeeee pleasseeee 🥺

  15. Love all you videos since I was a child and I am still watching you videos

  16. I watching your Channel and I subscribed to your channel and I press (🔔) button & and I joined the Notifications Squad

  17. King crane please can you play FIFA and WWE wrestling 2K 22 please please can you play 2K 22 and FIFA 22

  18. 👑 King crane please can you play a restaurant and redemption 2 who was Siri trust me you gonna

  19. I want you to give a shout-out because I will sub to your channel and like your videos

  20. I like King Crane played random games he's so funny🤣

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