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Happy Wheels Characters in Plotagon

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I made characters from Happy Wheels in Plotagon and Happy Wheels is game of my childhood.

Characters List:
Wheelchair Guy
Segway Guy (Business Guy)
Irresponsible Dad
Irresponsible Son
Effective Shopper
Moped Guy
Moped Girl
Lawnmower Man
Explorer Guy
Santa Claus (My Version)
Pogostick Man (Pogostick Guy)
Irresponsible Mom
Irresponsible Daughter
Irresponsible Mom’s Son
Helicopter Man

Original characters belong to Fancy Force, LLC, James Bonacci, Total JerkFace and Jason Schymick.

Game Link:

or here:



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  1. Looks great! I really miss Flash version of Happy Wheels and Happy Wheels Sequel still in development and Jim Bonacci and Jason Schymick are developing sequel.

  2. Happy Wheels was considered dead since no new characters were added and never filled the roster.

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