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  1. "what he exercising 1,2,3,….4,5678,Annnd 9" dead af

  2. do the pokemon one with pogo dude

  3. why does your voice sound different. what happened to your screaming

  4. 4 years ago.. talking, nowadays, SCREEAAAAMING ON TOP OF HIS LUNGS!!!

  5. I love your happy wheels are you going to make more?

  6. At 10:55 When I saw that thing run out of the cave I started laughing, then all of a sudden dude gets slaughtered by the machine that made me laugh even more. I'm a sick person.

  7. "Ok I think it's a wrap for homie" homie explodes "OH SHIT"

  8. "I'm having a wonderful day today, let's not uh, die." immediately gets ran over by Bigfoot 😂😂💀 I died at that part edit: at 11:42

  9. did any body else see that boop on the zombie level😉

  10. When he plays games he rage a lot more than me

  11. Calm and quiet Dashie does fit right with me

  12. The first ever dashie vid I watched. Goddamn. Memories.

  13. who's watching in 2019? if you are
    |> ( Like this comment)

  14. Daaaammmnnn
    Thought more people would've come back to watch more recently

  15. PLEASE if you water reading this, have a great day

  16. who been fuckin wit dashie for this long ?

  17. "im never gonna touch that kid again son"
    me: their is an elite squad known as the special victims unit……these are their stories

  18. Dashie you can’t go to the next level until you beat the first one

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