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Steven’s Notes;
Watch Toby die, ragequit, and fail more in Happy Wheels than anyone you’ve ever seen in any other game.
This TobyGames series is a lot of fun, I hope the amount you enjoy watching him rage his face off

correlates with the amount of frustration he endured throughout this playthrough! Toby also gives

unique voices to Irresponsible Dad and Son, the Pogo Guy, and the old Wheelchair Man. These probably

aren’t their technical names, but I’m not a technician! Check out the rest of the videos in this series

And check out Toby’s animated Happy Wheels Music video parody cartoon here (from Tobuscus):

And look out for the official Happy Wheels cartoon in 2016, which is currently being developed by Toby

Turner and Jim Bonacci!

Also watch Toby attempt ‘comedy videos’ on his ‘main’ channel at
or watch him talk to his iPhone on

Toby sucks at Happy Wheels

Outro Music “Gimme That” by DJ Alex S.
Get it on iTunes!
© 2012 Tobuscus INC


  1. My god I haven't seen this guy in so long and his videos still gets a laugh out of me. (The Memories)

  2. Seeing Dashie play Happy Wheels made me think about how I used to watch Toby do it years ago

  3. Blood type: everywhere, positive!!😂😂😂

  4. Who's watching this in May 2021?? I know I am 👍👍

  5. this hella funny haven’t watched these in so long

  6. 9 year anniversary of this vid is tmr 🥲

  7. Just clicked to hear his voice again it’s like he disappeared off the face of the planet😔

  8. These big back some big memories still the goat

  9. a decade later thse videos are still pure comedy gold 😂😂

  10. Bro that last ball throw brought me back, not gonna lie😂

  11. I remember still being in school , waking up in the morning having a bowl of lucky charms and watching these videos laughing my guts out . Good times.

  12. I remember watching Toby in middle school in 2010. Good times

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