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Happy Wheels – GOD DANGIT – Part 2

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Steven’s Notes;
Watch Toby die, ragequit, and fail more in Happy Wheels than anyone you’ve ever seen in any other game.
This TobyGames series is a lot of fun, I hope the amount you enjoy watching him rage his face off correlates with the amount of frustration he endured throughout this playthrough! Toby also gives unique voices to Irresponsible Dad and Son, the Pogo Guy, and the old Wheelchair Man. These probably aren’t their technical names, but I’m not a technician! Check out the rest of the videos in this series here:
And check out Toby’s animated Happy Wheels Music video parody cartoon here (from Tobuscus):
And look out for the official Happy Wheels cartoon in 2016, which is currently being developed by Toby Turner and Jim Bonacci!

Also watch Toby attempt ‘comedy videos’ on his ‘main’ channel at
or watch him talk to his iPhone on

Toby sucks at Happy Wheels 1

Outro Music “Gimme That” by DJ Alex S.
Get it on iTunes!
© 2012 Tobuscus INC


  1. I'm so awesome I make glitter come out of my flagpole if you know what I mean

  2. people need to start spelling stuff better

  3. i just wanna give em a hug hes got such a huggable face

  4. The year where tuboscus whas being compared to pewdiepie. Now i just dont know what happen. Your channel suddenly died (not literaly) but the fans decreased.

  5. I just remember watching this on my ipod 6 years ago, simpler times

  6. Watching this on my iPod touch on late elementary school nights. What memories.

  7. why are we still here….. just to suffer……

  8. toby? puffs a cigar haven't heard that name in years.

  9. 7 years ago i found him funny and at 6:20 it made me laugh and 7 years later it still managed to make me laugh and smile

  10. 4:33 I use my saying a lot but it’s best here ahem HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KILLED BY YOUR OWN CREATION!!!

  11. I just realized
    Tobuscus: Segway Steven
    JackSepticEye: Segway Steve

  12. I’m 24 and stuck in quarantine. It’s been a while but I’m watching these again, can’t nobody tell me otherwise

  13. This is gonna be a long series to binge watch

  14. I love this
    I love this so much
    thank you Tobuscus and this hilarious gameplay.

  15. Guys, please, tell me what this word "freaking" (or so) and his context… Perhaps, in a Russian sentence. I will be grateful.
    Sorry for my English. English not my mother languages. 5:455:50

  16. Nice work algorithm. Man. These were the days.

  17. cant believe the newest comment was from 5 months ago…

  18. 2022 anyone? Please I need to know if anyone is still here 😂

  19. 2:54 now that I’m older, I understand what the heck this means lol

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