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Happy Wheels Highlights #1

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Hello everybody and welcome to my very first Happy Wheels Highlights video! In this video I have taken only the very best bits from a recently playthrough session to deliver the hilarity straight into your eyeballs! I hope you enjoy and if you’d like to see more then please let me know in the comments below! Thanks for watching!

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  1. How was he this autistic? I literally have no memory of him being a retarded middle schooler

  2. Rewatching these made my 2020 so much better

  3. Wait he knew about the flying glitch

  4. 1:17 This is the beginning of markiplier likes to kill them all by an evil soul

  5. The birth of the best happy Wheels saga ever

    Jack is an extremely close second

  6. Who else is watching this in 2020?Nobody? Ok

  7. me in 2020 realizing how cringe markiplier was in 2012…

  8. Watched Markiplier in 5 and 6th grade maybe even before that . Now I'm almost halfway through 10th grade. Also rip unus annus 🙁

  9. Hey Mark. This message is from the future to you. Don't ask how this works. I just wanted to say that you have made many people happy on your Youtube path and we're all proud of you. You've worked very very hard to get to where you are now in 2020 and you're made many new friends. You still have to deal with Wade though. Just know it wouldn't have happened without the help from your fans, your friends, and you yourself. You're going to go through a lot of emotional periods and many other hardahips but know that it's all worth it. Also, someone may attemt a backflip in your future. Keep a close eye on him. He needs you just as much as you need him. Don't forget to believe in yourself and have fun in the years ahead 💪

  10. don't mind me, just re-visiting my childhood.

  11. This has an entirely different vibe that I can’t fucking comprehend

  12. I remember watching this when i was 13… it gives back old memories

  13. this is the same as new mark but lower audio quality

  14. Holy crap. There’s this mark and then the one with the long luxurious hair who says he isn’t a giggly bitch but he really is. It’s kinda sad tbh lol

  15. This Mark: acts and talks like ban innocent child.

    Mark Now: went through puberty and is awesome.

  16. who’s here in 2021? still discovering his old videos 💪🏼still loving em

  17. We'll just pretend you didn't see me here in 2021

  18. I was playing music then i started watching this so it was like
    Billie eilish:hmmmmmmmmmmm
    Markiplier: weirdness

  19. Ironically the very first time we see a sword throw Mark DOESN'T end up impaling himself through the head.

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