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Happy Wheels Highlights #11

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Hello everybody and welcome to the best Happy Wheels series on YouTube! Here you’ll find ONLY the funniest bits distilled from hours of Happy Wheels Gameplay! A lot of time and effort and good luck went into creating this Happy Wheels Montage so sit right down and get ready to laugh until you cry from Happy Wheels Highlights!


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  1. The more I listen to Santa, the more I think of an Adult-rated Uncle Grandpa

  2. When he yelled "I'm very DISTURRRRRRRRBED!!!", my thumb slipped and I accidentally clicked on Down With The Sickness by Disturbed.

  3. 6:25
    face roll technique
    blows up

  4. I hate Markiplier because he alway use head on glass break level.

  5. The screams from the characters make it more funny than it already is

  6. Wow, it's about to be an ed of a decade. Cool beans bois.

  7. Can someone do a Santa death montage in happy wheels by markiplayer?

  8. God, no matter how many times I revisit this series, Mark’s Santa voice kills me every time 😂

    Edit: Also, for those who have seen Split and/or Glass, does Mark’s voice when he’s doing the Sky Swinger kind of sound like Hedwig to you?

  9. Mark: "I'm not going to suck." Immediately falls into a spike pit*
    Next attempt: "I'm doing wonderfully" Momentum rips off arms as he grabs a rope*

  10. "Get in the magic shield! Get-GET IN THE MAGIC SHIELD YOU BITCH!!"

  11. This man ages like a fine wine *chefs kiss*

  12. I love this trip down memory lane so many years later. Mark has grown up so much over the years; just like us. But nostalgia always has its place

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