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Happy Wheels Highlights #26

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Some of the funniest Happy Wheels moments compiled just for you!
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Hello everybody and welcome to yet another Happy Wheels Highlights where we compile the very best Happy Wheels funny moments just for you! Get ready to laugh until it hurts!


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  1. this is the funniest video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!h

  2. “The head of my dead child is pinned to my ass” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  3. 5:175:21
    Kratos: "The ashes of my dead family is all over my body"
    Markiplier: "The head of my dead child is pinned to my ass!"

  4. He should come out with Merch the says “habooski!”

    And Christmas Merch with Santa saying something about kiddies.

  5. 6 years ago!?!? He's gone so far! I miss these. Who else is watching in 2020?

  6. "One more" he said… "Last One" he lied

  7. Markiplier, you know that you go crazy when you play as Santa and do the "Santa Voice"?!?>!?!

  8. 5:39 Thats the biggest amount of poons Ive seen in one body.

  9. My favorite bits from my favorite episode:

    0:13 — Santa Harpoon Run
    1:15 — Santa Butt Slam
    3:36 — Traumatized Mark
    4:17 — Santa Impossible Level
    4:56 — Cannibal Santa
    5:05 — This WHOLE Harpoon Run 🤣
    5:16 — “The head of my dead child is pinned to my ASS”
    6:52 — “Don’t headbutt the land mine!”
    7:27 — Santa (seductively): “Ohhh…with all of these old men…”
    7:53 — Epic Santa Mating Call

  10. Markiplier: WHY ALWAYS THE ASS?!?!
    Graystilplays: Hold my floridian beer infused with Satan's tears.

  11. eventually people will begin revisiting these

  12. Oh well, that’s an easier way to get a vasectomy 🤣😂

  13. I feel like mark finds the most unique levels like the spike wave one and more

  14. Jingle balls jingle balls jingle balls all the way

  15. 🎶Jingle balls, jingle balls, harpoons up my ass🎶

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