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Happy Wheels Highlights #49

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More Happy Wheels Highlights! Get ready for the best Happy Wheels funny moments compilation on the YouTube!
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Hello everybody and welcome to yet another Happy Wheels Highlights where I compile the Funniest Happy Wheels Gameplay I can possibly make! Get ready to laugh until it hurts!

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  1. Is anyone watching this in November of 2020

  2. Game: This man murdered your parents

    Mark: IM BATMAN, YOU SON OF A *bleep*!

    Me: Actually, you're Iron Man

  3. 0:00
    "Heyup, (groans) OH don't no up lower lower LOWER LAH lo lo-LEG."

  4. His Santa voice always makes me laugh to tears

  5. ı did the likes 45K… it feels satisfying.

  6. Man I miss the pure joy of watching these when I was a kid


  8. damn this shit is gonna give me nostalgia in a few years, what is life

  9. Markiplier is the worst father ever in happy wheels.

  10. Hey, he died in orange with an orange shirt!

  11. 7 years old I remember when this 1st released

  12. I remember having to hide the fact I watched these when they came out because the amount of cussing Mark did. Not to talk about the older ones too 🤣

  13. Fun fact: this was the first video I ever saw from this guy 😀

  14. old youtube comments are a diamond i swear

  15. Markiplier: That feels good

    Also Markiplier: That does not feel good

  16. 1770 vid watched – Santa rulezzzz as always 😀

  17. man this video is 9 years but still good as gold

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