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Happy Wheels Highlights #60

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  1. Mark: “save the baby!”

    Also mark:”I think I did it”

    Dude, we literally just saw the baby get stabbed.

  2. I like how on that one level that said PLZ READ he just completely ignored it

  3. 1:30

    Markiplier: how did I win?

    Me: your arm went into the goal that’s how

  4. 2:16 i just farted and he said excuse you is he spying on me?

  5. Mark: save the baby


    Mark: ahhhh no forget my family YEETS BABY

  6. yeah i won the markiplier cant win level with a harpoon up my pogo guys butt

  7. Markiplier I can easily do my own level what you mean I can't do that easy to do my own level

  8. Dont mind me……

    Just watvhing this in 2020 0v0

  9. Level named throw thine self, do you mean YEEEET!!!!

  10. 4:50: Markiplier and Santa Claus screaming at the same time.

  11. 0:040:33 Tiny Box Tim gets infected by the Plague of Madness virus from Primal.

  12. I looooove the mutated Tiny Box Tim… but more that Mark managed to "eat" his victims… lol

  13. 1:30 Segway man's fot went into the goal, triggering victory.

  14. 1941 vid watched – Monster-Tiny-Box-Tim THAT WAS AWESOME xD

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