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Happy Wheels Highlights #71

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More explosions! More crashes! More funny! 😀
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  1. Why does mark look like daithi de nogla in the thumbnail

  2. 6:15 the wades mom thing is kinda messed up now…………

  3. Who else is watching in 2020 and realizing that he's almost completely stopped mentioning Tiny Box Tim?

  4. Salute to Caspie for the best Markiplier Happy Wheels levels ever

  5. Holy crap! Markiplier is in this game? Must…..download…….HAPPY WHEELS!

  6. Did anyone else see that in the doorway behind mark? Its at 5:14

  7. santas gonna get out of this alive

    santa swears

    santa thinks santa might not make it but santas gonna- death noise

  8. This goddamn kid's seat! My kid's not even here and he's causing me problems.
    Markiplier 2015.

  9. 4:46 "That speared me out of the blue, and now I've got arrows up my crotch."

    – Markiplier 2k15

  10. 6:07 “DoNt ReAd ThIs dies OH GODDAMMIT I SHOULDNTA READ IT🤣”

  11. did anyone else get the ball hammock commercial??

  12. What was the markiplier can't win level with the jets made by?

  13. Bruh I was an EXPERT at tunneling to the bottom of ball pits. I won games of hide-and-seek down there. The key was to lie face down so the grapes wouldn't get stepped on.

  14. I love how in both mark and jacks happy wheels series they both have favorite level creators. Jack has Ian and mark has caspie

  15. I feel like caspie secretly knows markiplier

  16. 6:07 don’t read this😺OH GOD DAMN IT🙀I shouldn’t have read it😹

  17. 1:14 is the most epic win I have ever seen in a Happy Wheels video. Also WARNING: LOUD.

  18. All the old vids are still fun and funny to watch

  19. I love how he says “margublar” when he reads his name 😊

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