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Happy Wheels Highlights #73

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MORE Blams!! More Splosions!! More Awesome Levels!!
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  1. Whenever I play Happy Wheels and I play as Santa, all I can think of is “ YOU BASTARD KIDDIES!”

  2. Few years ago, back when my mom and step dad separated, I watched these videos with my older sister and idk this was one of my last good memories I shared with her… Its been 5+years now and We don't talk no more tho…. Idek why…but these videos helped me a lot with depression and still do till this day. Thank you Mark!!! Fr love all your content especially any scary games!!

  3. I like the nod to Futurama in the thumbnail

  4. Mark smashing through people
    “Ohh its so cuuteee!”

  5. 1:54 Me, I’ve created with happy wheels levels approved with Markiplier, He’s got first interested with first appears ROBLOX Noob Man comes to Happy Wheels Life, My life as an teenage-hood since where i began with Happy Wheels game first times ever before, I’ve doing very well made with level designer from experiments and it is good old days to see Markiplier would it comes play again with Happy Wheels. Man! I believed I’m so famous and Internet personality!

  6. Mark:if you want to know my hardest

    Happy wheels:aight I'ma just kill you and cencer all of that right now

  7. mark: who would go to the bathroom in a horror movie?!
    also mark: goes to basement first in a horror movie

  8. Ha! You had to experience what you did to us with Heist! (It’s not hate, I loved heist)

  9. Why does mark play with high quality blood, i do wonder.

  10. Markiplier, would you consider revisiting Happy Wheels?

  11. Man.. markiplier was so friken cool XDD stil is!111!!!

  12. 0:13 Mark's face when the crossbow starting shooting disproportionately loud is gold lmao

  13. 4:45 That sound has been played like thirty times since you've started this series Marki.

  14. The Screaming In The Game made Me Laugh So Hard LOL

  15. 2167 vid watched – I hope this series never ends 😀

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