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Happy Wheels Highlights #77

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Oh baby a triple! More Happy Wheels!
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  1. Markiplier learn how to power jump with the pogo stick it can really help. Control+Space

  2. 6:59
    Mark:Gotta go fast!!!Gotta g-
    (I came here after I watch the video of him dress up as sonic)

  3. Froggy Dollphia boi the content warrior says:

    Uh my butt thats how mark seys

  4. Markipliers head: I don't have friends to laugh at my failures with.
    Markiplier: I don't have friends to laugh at with my failures.

  5. 1:04
    Welcome to another episode of Mark the Gorilla.
    Today, Mark will attempt to ride a pogo stick for the first time.

  6. Once it gets to the .10 mark slow speed to the lowest setting ….youre welcome

  7. Wilford came out in the kill them all level XD

  8. Mark: That jammed it only further in
    Me: That's what she said😏

  9. I love how Pogo Man rolls on the ground.

  10. Markiplier is one of the best YouTube creators. If they had a YouTube hall of fame he would be in it


  12. This may be a five year old video but,FUCK THE OCEAN

  13. PewDiePie Making Videos 100 Percent
    Markiplier Making Videos 80 percent
    Jacksepticeye Making Videos 60 percent
    Happy Wheels Videos

  14. PewDiePie: My Name is Felix
    Markiplier: My Name is Fishbach
    Jacksepticeye: My Name is Sean
    Who is your Favourite Youtuber?

  15. Quadrilateral shapes are not the best shapes for “Kill them all” levels…

  16. Markiplier:talks like a murderer. I'm not a murderer. Me:o-o

  17. "Ah! my pelvis exploded! Oh is it that time if the day already?" HAHA

  18. Mark please explain why all these spiky things are aimed towards your mind quarters?

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