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Happy Wheels Highlights #85

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Happy Wheels Funny Moments for ALL!!
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  1. The cleaver fall was amazing he was doing something with that knife

  2. You ate bedder than Dan tdm he also played this game

  3. 7:35 so noone is gonna talk about how it says

    "Pewdiepie–Markiplier–H!tler xD"

    Okay then-

  4. On the psychopath level they ran to axe like they never had shoes on before

  5. I paused right at 6:34 and now I can't get the words "I'm a… rock" out of my head.

  6. 2:45 is my favorite, also the part where said, “Fucker, eat a dick!” I DIED

  7. The bitter hail muhly trick because icebreaker structurally tie lest a chemical attic. valuable, luxuriant break

  8. 0:54. When the hero has the perfect shot to kill the villain, but he just lets him go.

  9. This made me smile! Great job m! Thank You! :D!


  11. "Rocket Man, shooting off like a firework. Because baby, I'm a firework."

    If you wanted to make a song reference…why didn't you go with Rocket Man…

  12. Lmao "I breakdance at the hilarity of your jokes"

  13. anyone else on break watching this episode at work? just me?

  14. there was a word that said "Markiplier"

  15. funny with when the spears kept on hitting him and he would make thes noises

  16. Looking back maybe Markiplier and GrayStillPlays should do a collab.

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