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Happy Wheels Highlights #85

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Happy Wheels Funny Moments for ALL!!
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  1. I never laughed so hard I got emotional and cried💀

  2. I absolutely died at OH NO HEADLESS SANTA

  3. In one of the games is your youtube name

  4. Markiplier they said your name on the Jetpack ride one

  5. Bro there was litterly a markiplier saying or whatever in the jetpack you idiot

  6. Everything I needed to destroy NEON BALL ULTRA

  7. I was looking at your hair and its I don't care what it looks like it's awesome like that

  8. Im here about 4 years later and i stopped the video at 7:34 and at this time mark made a new high score

  9. the deathball isnt meant to murder other people, its meant to murder ME LMAO

  10. He doesn't have personal problems He isn't real

  11. if you didn't see the mulan reference at 0:53 then DISHONOR, DISHONOR ON YOU, AND DISHONOR ON YOUR COW!

  12. Markiplier: "If the challenge was to fly and then become a piece of modern art, then I did it great!"
    Me: Is that a PiEcE oF MoDerN arT?!?!😂


    me:ive seen wierder

  14. The first level is named "Amazing sword throw"

  15. This… this can’t be five years old today, right?.. I can’t be that old… Right??

  16. i miss the him cussing like this in his new vids

  17. It says marklipier one one of the things in jetpack guy 2

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