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Happy Wheels Highlights #88

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  2. Why did Mark directly quote“The angry video game nerd” by saying ASSSS

  3. Hmm fascinating what game is this

  4. 0:22 right up his nostril! Like it came out nowhere the arrow and the weaponary! In the game Abby was it's totally brutal and insane to watch at the same time and get hilarious and full comedy!😂

  5. holy shit man your voice gets very annoying have to lower the damn volume because it gets loud

  6. I counted the deaths and there are 35 deaths in this video.

  7. Sometimes markipliers screams remind me of scratchy from the simpsons.

  8. Happywheels stickman edition seems fun!😉

  9. Gonna be honest, most of the levels with harpoons, or poons, are just fatality levels

  10. what does the freezer in the stickman pogofight do

    my guess is that he stores ice cream in his tum and other frozen foodstuffs

  11. This made me smile! Great job Markiplier! Thank You! :D!

  12. "Oh no he's secretly a nazi."
    Markiplier 2016

  13. My goodness, first thing I get is a “your mom” joke 😂

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