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Happy Wheels Highlights #88

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  1. 6:07)
    Obi Wan Kenobi strikes down his former apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, and leaves him to die
    (Mustafar, 19 B.B.Y)

  2. Markiplier:"He's secretly a Nazi"
    Me: oh no
    My Jewish friend: hOw DaRe ThIs MaN cHiLd OfFeNd mE!!!

  3. Cool pink nipples.(I'm talking about the thumbnail)

  4. Didn’t jack play these levels in the same order

  5. Mattshea and jackseptycy played some of these levels

  6. I keep thinking he’s gonna do an Into the Danger Zone thing.

  7. 6:10 He missed the perfect opportunity "Anakin I have The high ground"

  8. I feel as if Mark's jaw line has matured as finely as his personality has

  9. Markiplier: Oh no he's secretly a Nazi

  10. Why is youtube recomending me happy wheels in 2020

  11. guys why he is litwrly funny come on guys

  12. mark: "he's secretly a Nazi!
    Nazi: i am in so much pain!!!

  13. Try watching Jacksepticeyes Dont Stop Believing Happy Wheels….He and Mark almost have the same levels


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