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Happy Wheels Highlights #89

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  1. I didn't know that there is a horror version!

  2. Mark in 2016

    Mark in 2020

  3. If know one likes this then Markiplier's channel will die in 13 months from now

  4. It's slightly menacing to see Lunky there in the profile picture now

  5. Some people say that Markiplier’s head is still in his anoos.

  6. oh hohoho oh hohoho ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  7. Happy Wheels: When minimal damage is losing your leg

  8. Literally no one will care after 4 years, but in case you couldn't tell, at 4:25, Mark says, "As is per usual in what we do."

  9. mark your happy wheels vids when you cuss like crazy are so dam funny i die laughing every time

  10. 7:25 the little spirals look soooo familiar, don’t know where tho T_T (COVID

  11. Mark: just slide right through
    My parents in the next room: 😑

  12. "My head is in my ANOOSE" -Markiplier 2016

  13. when i was a Tiny, skiny boi, i used to sing "vic-to-ry~" Everytime the victory music played.
    Yeah, this is real.

    and yes ik im stupid for thinking someone will read this.

  14. Can you Bring tiny box Tim back? PLEASE

  15. 5:45 gets brutally impaled by a harpoon

    "Am I alive?"

    arm proceeds to be blown off and then falls into a set of spikes

  16. "imma go in the hole"…

    "AHHH it went in MY hole"
    Mark you never fail to get a laugh outta me

  17. I like how Jacksepticeye wins levels by running in with the spirit of a warrior and roaring loudly and Mark does the similar act of screaming like an idiot and flopping around like a crackhead and it just works.

  18. 0:07 wow….tinkerbell porn is becoming waaaay to painfully accurate now lol

  19. This video made me smile! Thank You Markiplier! :)!

  20. why are these community submitted subtitles so well made compared to jackaboy's community submitted subtitles

  21. The nostalgia of red haired markiplier is something I wasn't prepared for

  22. It’s been proven as of this video: Happy Wheels makes people french

  23. 0:34 the d**k came in XD. I can't stop laughing

  24. MY HEAD IS IN MY ANOOOOOOSE!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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