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Happy Wheels Highlights #91

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This episode of Happy Wheels is bloodier than ever before!
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  1. “F*ck that dragon oh so tenderly”
    -Markiplier, 2016

  2. I actually almost laughed my soul out

  3. The other language in the last one is Turkish for those wondering.

  4. The moral of this episode is don't drink kids or marks gonna come to ur house and smack u in the face with a pogo

  5. The old man when cycling and the fat man when dying..
    Me together with Markiplier : 😂

  6. Mark says " Don't drink kids or you'll APPARENTLY die"

  7. Petition to make pogo week an actual thing in Happy Wheels?

  8. 6:05 the best here we go ot really sounds like hes singing

  9. "That actually spooped me" -Mark Sir Spoops-A-Lot Fischback 2016

  10. 2:11 The face he make when the dragon kills him is the funniest reaction he has ever had

  11. Mark is an opera singer confirmed by that spike fall attempt 3

  12. we will never forget the treasury of marks voice


  14. Where was FNAF it showed FNAF plushes on thumbnail 🥺😢

  15. 7:19 dude why turkish content creators are all like this lol

  16. Did anyone see that jelly/kweppelkop/Slogo level
    Here’s video time 2:54

  17. This made me laugh! Great job! Thank You Markiplier! :D!

  18. 1:40 I watched it at .25 speed, and it kinda just scraped the front.

  19. “Don’t drink, children!”
    Yeah because they don’t taste very good. Speaking from experience.

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