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Happy Wheels is awesome

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I discovered happy wheels this morning and though to myself that the only thing missing are appropriate sound effects. A couple hours of playing Foley Artist and here we have it. You’ll have to excuse the strange artifacts, CamStudio does that for whatever reason. Dive into the world of streets of rage 2 how many stages gaming history through online platform.

Here is the link:


  1. 0:40 aaaahh ahaha aaaaaa øaøaøa aa aaaaauauu…

  2. i think this might be the first HW vid on youtube…

  3. Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja reparto el culo

  4. it's not just pewdie it's everyone who plays it.

  5. You shouldn't really blame PewDiePie (or any other famous YouTubers who played this game) for that. He has no involvement in the making of the levels anyway; he just plays them. If anything, you should blame the ones who made the levels anyway.

  6. Where did u get the laughing at 1:32 and the "I regret nothing."

  7. i dont know what happy wheels is so im tryi to [lay it right now

  8. Hey Jarf, where did you get your sound effects from?

  9. If Happy Wheels had these sounds effects, I would be playing all day.

  10. Happywheels would be way more enjoyable w/ these sounds

  11. I love ❤ u JSE , and guess what I like balls

  12. I considered this very funny when I was 11… After 7 years I still do xD

  13. Who even plays happy wheels anymore

    sees video is 8 years old

    Carry on

  14. This is posibly the oldest fotagge sence the game was released on 4th of june

  15. Back then everyone had original levels there was no "rate 5" scams

  16. Notice that the mine was still there but lost function on exposion, this must be a oldest bug sence release of the game

  17. I am seeing this video after 9 years this ws posted

  18. isnt this the first happy wheels video on youtube? like ever? im pretty sure it is.

  19. Thank god it's getting remade because it would be crushing to lose this game

  20. I cannot explain how nostalgic this video is for me

  21. oh yeah this is one of my favorte games on pc!!!!

  22. This game is so morbid . It reminds me of the Crash Dummies fandom in the late 1980's

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