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Happy Wheels is BACK!

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happy wheels back its better than minecraft its incredible omg omg omg

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  1. 2021: ofc where gonna die
    2022: ok where definitely not dead😆

  2. Lazarbeam: creeper aw man
    Me: so we back in the mine’s swinging our pickaxes side to side

  3. POV you are 3 years old watching the intro

  4. my guy really just predicted that the world was gunna die in 2020

  5. How did lazar predict that we are going to die

  6. “Now We Know What Animals Feel When We Eat Them With Forks”

  7. Allmate was a time traveler. Lanan can u go back in time and be the god of Egypt.

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  9. Lazarbeam we’re all gonna die corona starts how’d he know

  10. Am gen z so this scared me the blood my gosh

  11. Well I mean, Lachlan and Jackson are pretty good.

  12. 5:04 if lazerbeams children watch this they will have so many questions

  13. Lazarbeam: We are gonna die
    Future People: PHYCIC!!!!

  14. He told the future at the start of the video

  15. Hi lazerbeam I am from the future I am just saying COVID-19 does not get any better and China is making COVID-19 more infections to humans so be careful and tell fresh that we will all miss him

  16. When he said we are on a collision course with death I now know how true it was

  17. Anyone watching this at 2021 u are a chin roll

  18. 2019 lazer heading into 2020 "were all going to die" me: yep basically

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  20. People thought it was an old video so had to change title lmaooo

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