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Happy Wheels is still a thing… let’s speedrun it

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I used to love Happy Wheels years ago and I’m happy to say that it still holds up pretty well. Speedrunning adds even another dynamic to it too, but let’s see how fast we can go.

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  1. Id love to see a pokemon speedrun by you maybe gen4?
    Sry if that already exists im new

  2. Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed is keyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. You should try speedrunning "Guts and Glory", it's basically spiritual successor to this

  4. Arms? Where were going we don’t need arms

  5. Imagine if Easyspeezy knew he can watch the Recordings of other people that finished it, and then try beat the fastest one

  6. Happy Wheels: a game slowly, gradually dropping in popularity
    GrayStillPlays: "You're dying?"

    "We don't need death where we're going."

  7. В гостях у Эндеркинга says:

    Fun fact: there are mobile version of that game with pretty hard and interesting levels. I think it’s great for speedrunning

  8. @graystillplays pls beat these and put him to shame

  9. He said "I don't need arms where we're going"
    kinda close to graystillplay's "WE don't need physics where we're going"
    Watch him for more Happy wheels
    I watch him

  10. “If your running a bank, at least make it possible to steal your stuff” -A suspected criminal

  11. 8:08

    No kinkshaming, but how does that help the run? Also The Pogostick guy makes me think of Jon from Garfield purely because of his voice

  12. "I don't need an arm where we're goin'"
    Kinda sounds like "We don't need physics where we're goin'"

  13. This video made me laugh so hard I started choking on my water I was drinking.

  14. EasySpeezy: alright one more, this should be quick
    Viewer: I see 3 minutes left. Either he’s doing another one or this is going to be funny

  15. "Axe in my ass" is the new "Arrow to the knee" xD

  16. I always wanted them to fill the character menu, there’s so many unused spaces left

  17. "I don't think he really knows how to go fast"
    "o h"

  18. santa went so fast that he exploded just to prove eazyspeezy wrong

  19. plz speedrun ultimate spider man its for pc too

  20. As one of the best oldschool runners (pwnzor532) it hurts watching you fuck about.

  21. Wow the cry for Wanting old times is Hurt. I dont think theres a timer in on this video

  22. This is sad lmao.
    Esc then R to quickly restart

  23. You call this a speedrun? This man doesent even know the controlls.

  24. ayo does anyone know the song used on the first level

  25. “I don’t need an arm where we’re going.”
    Hmmm 🤔 sounds familiar
    ever watched graystillplays? (or something like that)
    he uses pretty much the same exact phrase “we don’t need arms where we’re going”, also “timmy” or “tom” but i’m not sure if that’s a coincidence
    i dunno who said these things first but either way, NO OFFENSE and IM NOT TRYING TO SPREAD HATE.

  26. This is the first time I've seen him play a game he knows nothing about

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