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Happy Wheels: Main Menu Theme Song

Immortal DragonKing
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  1. Y así mataron a un compañero en el colegio
    No le bajó el volumen

  2. One time in 4th grade was playing silent ball and then one of my friends tried to play happy wheels and he forgot to turn off the volume so this blasted out when someone got eliminated

  3. As an old man in a wheelchair once said: ba na na na nuuuuuuuhhh dunnnnnnn nuh be neuh de doooo deh

  4. i was playing this game like 9 years ago and i just resturned after hearing the very exciting weed game song

  5. Hey Peter check it out my new electric wheel chair

  6. I remember when i was a small watching videos and laughing so hard good times 🙂

  7. "Hey Peter check it out, my new electric wheelchair"

  8. all rise for the anthem of gorey flash gaming

  9. Me in middle school when i was done with classwork

  10. Why do the “most replayed” parts of videos make absolutely no sense?? The most replayed part of this theme is literally the last second where it’s just dead silence

  11. if you don't like happy wheels, you haven't seen it

  12. Top of the mornin to ya ladies my name is jackspeticeye and welcome back to HAPPY WHEEEEELS

  13. the creator:hey dont make the music too good its just for the lobby of a silly gore game
    the guy who created the music:i got you

  14. When you let go of your grandma's wheelchair at the top of a mountain peak:

  15. 5th grade:
    We were all doing Xtramath, and just as I click OK on Race the Teacher, I hear this at top volume. Best part?! Kid didn’t notice because he had headphones on and thought they were active but he forgot to change what speaker it came from, so it came from the computer at top volume.

  16. After all this time😭😭… still SLAPS

  17. I imagine this being the anthem of the internet in the 2010s.

  18. I showed the teacher this game and my teacher won't stop teaching us about the game.
    then my teacher stopped because adobe flash died

  19. IHateThatYoutubeDisplaysYourFullName says:

    Me after commiting a brutal hit and run

  20. Happppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyy wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelss!

  21. Pov: You're in a business meeting but accidentally went on happy wheels speaker mode and full volume

  22. POV you fall off your bike and this song plays in your head

  23. this game/theme is so nostalgic now…i remember watching dantdm, pungence, jacksepticeye and others play it, time flies.

  24. The song that plays when the kid in a wheelchair falls down the stairs.

  25. This music, makes me want to commit vehicular manslaughter

  26. this game was so damn popular in my school like when I got in computer class on a Friday when I look to my left and right and hear the room the only thing i hear and see was happy wheels, but of course you gotta know i also played it. ah the good ol days.

  27. this game + jacksepticeye was truly my childhood.

  28. Damn I remember how fun it was to play this, even if I'm suck at it. The pogo levels, especially.

  29. I'm glad you all enjoy this video. I wasn't expecting it to get this popular as there were similar videos around the time I uploaded it. Feel free like and sub and check out the rest of the channel. Have a great day!

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