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Happy Wheels: Main Menu Theme Song

Immortal DragonKing
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  1. The good ol times. I was listening to this on the sunset

  2. I never played this, watched videos of it and my friends played it but i never, cause my parents said it was too violent (reasonable ngl)

  3. Always gonna memories of being in the computer lab and out of nowhere this song starts blasting because some kid never turned down their volume

  4. Esta musica es la leyenda papuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  5. There's only one thing true on the universe: In happy wheels everyone hate Justin Bieber

  6. Who else just randomly thought of this song and had to come listen to it.

  7. I played this game at school but got detention because it was "too violent". Kept on playing it after that though! Also, really clean loop.

  8. Me and the bois played this music when someone in our group got put in a wheel chair 💀💀💀

  9. Man oh man this takes me back, back to the fut- oh i mean childhood. Back to the childhood. ❤️

  10. Me asf when I forget to lower the volume in the school computer

  11. I remember playing this on the bus with my friend in 2nd-3rd grade, good times

  12. This gives everyone ptsd flashbacks to when they forgot to mute the chrome book

  13. Anybody know anyone who was too afraid to pick Santa Claus because they’d wind up on the naughty list?

  14. when a blind old man in a wheel chair beats all race cars in the race

  15. I was not ready for the nostalgia dump this gave me.

  16. Is happy wheels on steam and does it cost money

  17. Remember to PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE, and I’ll see all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEO!

    I miss those times bruh

  18. i love how everybody gave justin bieber 1 star

  19. I miss this game, I had so many good memories about it 🙁

  20. Good ol memories of playing this when I was too young for it…

  21. dam the nostalgia hits harder than my dad

  22. Most famous levels:
    -Actual masterworks of levels (Mario, Zelda, Halo)
    -K1ll JB
    -999999999.999999% IMPOSSIBLE
    -Ball Throw
    -Pogo Jump
    -Terror levels
    -Quiz levels
    -Main levels
    -Fan main levels continuations
    -Saw levels

  23. ah the memories of accidentally forgetting to mute your PC in Middle school tech class and this fucking burts for like 5 seconds before u eventually manage to mute it

  24. Ah such nostalgia playing this at school at 14 years old 😢miss these times

  25. I can’t listen to this it makes me miss everything as a kid 😔😔😔

  26. this audio is so awesome, i nevers stayed in the menu long enough to enjoy it

  27. in a world full of justin biebers you need to become the jim bonacci

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