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Happy Wheels Main Theme – Super Extended [1 Hour Loop!]

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Enjoy 1 hour of happy wheels soundtrack.
Original soundtrack :


  1. I heard that one kid at the end of high school to convince the teachers the assemble the whole high school into the gym, then we hooked up his laptop to the tv and played this music on the speakers, picked up the microphone and said:

    “I know all of us grew up playing this”

  2. i remember accidentally clicking on the studio and having no clue how to get back

  3. This music is so nostalgic, and I never even played it until recently. I just watched videos of Tobuscus playing it on my 8 frame per second Windows 7 computer.

  4. Dont get sad
    Happy wheels isnt completely gone
    It's gonna be ported to java

  5. this song is so good i even tried learning it on guitar…..key word, TRIED -_-

  6. the first few seconds sound AWESOME, the rest is nostalgic

  7. "Happy Fuck wheels, Rodas Felizes trazendo emoção e tradição na sua televisão. Só que não, na tela do YOUFRONHO" kkkkkkkkkkkk Saudades do Zé Graça falando isso.

  8. Every time I listen to this, nostalgia just overflows my brain.

  9. this song was meant to be a cool rock song. It’s a sad nostalgic song

  10. When you lose your son in a bike race

  11. this was truly one of the best online games back in the day



  13. Pov: you just clicked on "Happy Wheels – Unblocked Games 2014" in the middle of computer lab not knowing your headphones were unplugged

  14. needs to be longer. i hate having to keep pressing the reset button

  15. Here i am 9 years later sitting in my room at 1 am. School in seven Hours crying over nostalgia

  16. 𓂀 ℙ𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕣𝕠 𓂀 says:

    Chillhood national anthem

  17. I remember being addicted to Jacksepticeye's Happy Wheels videos as a 2nd grader in 2015. Now a freshman in highschool, this is nostalgia

  18. it's heartbreaking to know that this game is no longer available.


  20. "Hey peter, check it out, my new electric wheelchai- OUGH"


  21. Fun fact: the game was made on 4 June

    Wait where is my social credit

  22. as the best happy wheels player once said: "Let us salute to the gaming anthem"

  23. Hey peter check it out my new electric wheel chair

  24. This Was The Best Flash Game Of The 2010s, Hands Down. Initially Filled With Incredible Fan-Made Levels With Crazy Cartoon Gore, And Memorable Funny Characters. A Funny Short Webseries, An Epic Theme Song, And SOOO Much Fun To Play. Then The Slow Decline, As Jim (The Creator) Stopped Giving It Updates. Tons Of Character Slots Empty, And Fans Got Lazier. There Were Rarely Any Fun, Effort-Filled, Creative Levels And Instead Thousands Of Bottle Run And Pogo Fight Clones. The Original YouTubers Like Jack, Toby, And More Stopped Playing It, And Unfortunately The Webseries Was Even Lost To Time… There's So Much Potential For Jim To Come Back With A HUGE Return: New Characters, A Story Mode Centered Around The Webseries, And So Much More To Bring Back The OG YouTubers And Spark More Creativity In The Fanbase. Sadly, I Think The Greatness Of Happy Wheels Is Over, But Hopefully One Day, The D.E.A.T.H.S Team (A.K.A The Main Characters) Will Come Back With New Members, New Fans, New Levels, And Happy Wheels Will Become Legendary Once Again. But For Now, We'll Have To Wait…

  25. You have the best YouTube channel name, my friend.

  26. am i the only one who listend to the whole thing?

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