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Happy Wheels | MY SON MADE A LEVEL?!

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Happy Wheels | MY SON MADE A LEVEL?!
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Today, HAPPY WHEELS is back!! And this time, the son I never knew I had has made me a level..!!

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  1. Dan: Maybe one day i’ll meet you

    Four years later: 😲

  2. Dan: mY sOn MaDe A lEvEl??!!


  3. Dantdm is minecraft he played happy wheels now

  4. Meme of 2021: My friend here Justin he is already taken and he’s cracked at fortnite my guy
    Meme of 2020: Mongus
    Best youtuber of 2019: dream
    Best youtuber of 2018: guava juice
    Best youtuber of 2017: Dan TDM 🥺
    My favorite youtber of all time: Dan TDM

  5. Dan: You know what, you did good son. You did better then me anyways. Maybe some day I'll meet you. Today:

  6. 6:08 dan: keep your head. Dan: well you have kept it but I want to attach to your neck dan: well its attached to your neck and you still have it but you’re dead

  7. Asher went back in time and made a level for his dad

  8. No i feel bad about the hobo DONT HIT HIM

  9. wow this is 5 years ago i remember when i watched this andit said 3 days ago

  10. Him saying Philippines is already a blessing from the lord for us

  11. Dan: I have a son? And he makes happy wheels levels?


  12. You should make your son make happy wheels levels in the future to make this video very iconic

  13. who is watching this in 2021 and really misses the intro

  14. I do not know if I have this game anymore

  15. Dan: I have a son!?
    Years later
    asher comes along
    Dan: diamondminecartjr!!!!!!

  16. Dan: thank you son, I hope to see you one day
    Dan in 2021: actually has a son

  17. Dan: i have a son?
    1 year later also dan: I HAVE A SON!!!

  18. Dan wait i have a son
    4 years later

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