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Happy Wheels – Part 1 | THIS GAME IS MY BITCH

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  1. 4:32
    That's what I loved about this game, the creativity. On that note, YOU PEOPLE ARE FUCKING SICK!

  2. It drives me crazy that this video came out when I was 11 and I've been watching Jack since before this ×_× Jack has been in a lot my milestones

  3. I always say what the fuck when I die in happy whells

  4. Jkhuujikiiikkkjkkmjmmmmmmyuhgtjbnhh. Yhyhyhyyhyhyyyhyhyhybygtbjjjjijiop

  5. jeezzz it's a so fuckin pity that i discovered Jack that late

  6. The fact that this is almost 8 years old is crazy

  7. oh god I remember when this was a new video and I mean like when it said 1 day ago this was put on youtube its been seven 7…

  8. I just finished the video and Im gonna cry omg the last part WAS SO AMAZING

  9. 7 years ago… where it all began, the age of nostalgia

  10. I re watched this series 23 times ……..dont judge me

  11. I always thought it was jack who changed throughout the years but going back to the videos that I loved when they came out, I realise I was the one who outgrew him 🙁

  12. This is so nostalgic because i still remember first watching sean's videos and being like wanna be like him when I grow up and here I am 8-9 years later at 14 still hoping I can make people smile like he does

  13. Boutta watch all 100 episodes in a row who's with me

  14. Turn subtitles on they make the video like 1.5 times better

  15. Ah, the nostalgia! Man I miss Happy Wheels :3

  16. Back when Jack was just an innocent young boy.

    Good times.

  17. Who's rewatching this in 2021 for the 100th time

  18. Is a tradition to go back and watch these videos

  19. I still come back and watch this everyone once in a while.

  20. I'm gonna finish this series again then go to kerbal space program

  21. Jack caring about billy is weird to me.

  22. Thank you jack. I want this to be the last video I watch before I pull the trigger

  23. Memories when i was a child and still watching his HW/Happy wheels

    Anyone liked the series your true BOSSS MOTHER FUCKERS


    SPEED IS KEY!!!!!!!!

  24. "What the hell is a sword throw?" …oh how little we knew…how little we knew…

  25. I love how Jack genuinely doesn't know what to do and just trying and having just a great time

  26. Love how Sean went from "OH MY GOD! YOUR LEGS CAME OFF!"

    to "You lost a leg BUT YOU DON'T NEED THEM"

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