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Happy Wheels | Part 2 | 6 YEARS LATER…

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It’s time for the greatest let’s play of this decade to come back in FULL FORCE!!

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  1. We’re going to
    honestly goodly-ly
    play this game

    -Wise worlds from Markiplier

  2. you should do this again your happy wheels vids are my favorites

  3. another happy wheels series!! its been two years!!!!

  4. I'm reliving my childhood rn… and my dream Finally started recording happy wheels the way I wanted to baby steps I'm getting closer to being a youtuber You are a be reason I decided to be one mark Thanks everyday for you content

  5. Santa was the bain of your existents in that pogo jump haha

  6. Mark after playing well made bat lady level with scripted scene things and good art: "This is incredible!~ What happened to happy wheels when I was away?!? *awestruck giggle*"

    Mark expressing a fondness for "don't move" levels I for one don't recall: "Oh, I love a don't move.~ Oh yeah, this is still a classic."
    Starts level, starts looking bored and unconvincingly, borderline-sarcastically remarking on how "impressive" it is within about 4 seconds.

    Mark, based on that alone: "The level of quality of don't moves has diminished. I will just say that, it HAS diminished."

    As entertaining as his vids are…. sometimes I personally just don't get Markimoo.

  7. At 1:39 did anyone else notice the Simpsons reference username or are you a normal person?

  8. … "Santa's caught on the axe in my dick".

    That's one for the record books.

  9. When I viewed this it was 4653666 and its October Friday 13 for me O-O plz save me

  10. Mark's little giggle at "master of balls" is my new aesthetic

  11. Did mark ever play hello neighbor cus if yeah he should more also you should do more whack games

  12. Looking back, the dad in this game sounds.. a bit too much like Bob when he screams

  13. 5:10 when the rock fell, an ad appeared for me at the exact time lol (im the son)

  14. What if he makes a playlist specifically for this year and future years,because I want to see more @markiplier

  15. Caspie: "I feel a disturbance in the fworce."

  16. Wonder how many ppl know the screams of pogo man is uberhaxornova

  17. 0:00 Mark: "Im super excited to see how the game has changed after 6 years!"

  18. What kinda music is that XD 😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  19. Am I the only one watching this again? I love happy wheels

  20. mark:ooh click hear?
    Mark later: this isnt fun like …

  21. in the 1 pogo fight it souned like the guy was in laber

  22. omg moo man why u play, I love the subtitles

  23. “Santa is stuck to the axe in my dick??!!!”That made me burst out into laughing.

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