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Happy Wheels | Part 2 | 6 YEARS LATER…

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It’s time for the greatest let’s play of this decade to come back in FULL FORCE!!

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  1. It's almost 2 years after this video was uploaded.


  2. 3:10 am I the only one who hears the song? Yeah? Ok… I’ll just go sit in that corner over there.

  3. Can we just appreciate his editor editing the sub subtitles

  4. I like how he forgets his own video names and then finds them and laughs at them 😂😂

  5. I love how mark don’t even know what is happening on the boombox level XD

  6. i dont understand, what all the highlight videos he did?

  7. I really hope Mark makes this a yearly play.

  8. Happy Wheels is basically the old Super Mario Maker now that I think about it…

  9. Happy wheels was one of those flashganes that changed the internet forever.

  10. This is so whole some watching mark killing small chrildren after 6 years

  11. Primero que todo wenas tardes, segúndo como llege aquí?

  12. I'd pay real money to get a Markiplier sound pack for Happy Wheels pain sounds.

  13. Things about markiplier: he is a great man therefore he cares about others

  14. Santa is caught by the axe on my dick?!?!: An autobiography

  15. maybe in another 6 years he'll upload part 3

  16. Markiplier you are so funny during the Pogo fight I laughed so hard I fell off the toilet

  17. Goes to show you. You can grow up all you want but sometimes your reactions don’t change.

  18. I was looking for happy wheels 2 and this popped up

  19. The amount of times he says honest I started hearing Annus😂

  20. "When you grow up, you leave your childhood behind"
    Not all of us. We still keep it with us

  21. If you not gonna play the game Ben and Ed im gonna die

  22. We're Annus-t and good, we're annus-t and good

  23. The most appealing part of Happy Wheels has to be the ridiculous screams from the characters. Like, Pogostick guy just sounds sexual most of the time(props to you Nova).

  24. everyones playing happy wheels again. well this is an amazing revelation

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