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Happy Wheels – Part 2 | NINJA TRAINING

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  1. to anyone watching this in 2021 he is so different now

  2. Jack that is how you do it

    Me you skipped it you dummy

  3. And we see here where Jacksepticeye shouted "HAAAAPY WHEEELS!" For the 1st time till today.

  4. Nobody:Jack saying you didn't grab it
    Me:bursting out of laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. And this is where Jackaboy's trademark Happy Wheels intro was born.

  6. 7:27 Those Are His Real Life Name Initials You Idiot

  7. 7:51 That's My Thing Jokes Your Not Allowed To Do That Only I Am Allowed To Do That So Don't Do It Again P.S. I Don't Get Your Joke Probably Because I'm Too Young To Get It

  8. Part 1: oh no billy!!!

    Part 100: screw you billy!!!

  9. going back and liking videos i didn't get a chance to so Sean knows his fans are still watching

  10. Golden Age YouTube
    Woodkid: the golden age is over

  11. I remember this as a child how am I this old

  12. Yo who's re watching the series in 2021 with me

  13. I love this man I've watched him for 6-5 years and I love him with all my heart

  14. Wow imagine if jack kept the name Sam for Steve, spike fall Sam

  15. Kids you see this is when Sean cared about billy and pretty much everyone else

  16. Jacksepticeye: I think you spell b**** wrong Me: that means Justin Bieber

  17. this just showed up on my recommended 7 years later lmao

  18. Damn these the times where blood wasn’t just little dots

  19. i just watched his newest video of teardown and now i come back to this… im not sure if old jack was better or its just the nostalgia that makes it better. either way i still love jack and i hope he's doin good <3

  20. 7:54 Hey maa MAA!!!! they got a ninja course s'awesome

    Me: ahhhh I miss those day 🙂

  21. Who else in 2021 watching this whole series again

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