Happy Wheels - Part 2 | NINJA TRAINING - pasimanninen.com

Happy Wheels – Part 2 | NINJA TRAINING

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  1. I remember this as a child how am I this old

  2. Yo who's re watching the series in 2021 with me

  3. I love this man I've watched him for 6-5 years and I love him with all my heart

  4. Wow imagine if jack kept the name Sam for Steve, spike fall Sam

  5. Kids you see this is when Sean cared about billy and pretty much everyone else

  6. Jacksepticeye: I think you spell b**** wrong Me: that means Justin Bieber

  7. this just showed up on my recommended 7 years later lmao

  8. Damn these the times where blood wasn’t just little dots

  9. i just watched his newest video of teardown and now i come back to this… im not sure if old jack was better or its just the nostalgia that makes it better. either way i still love jack and i hope he's doin good <3

  10. 7:54 Hey maa MAA!!!! they got a ninja course s'awesome

    Me: ahhhh I miss those day 🙂

  11. Who else in 2021 watching this whole series again

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